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5 Effective Ways To Combat Chemo Brain

5 Effective Ways To Combat Chemo Brain

Chemo-brain is a term frequently used within the cancer community to describe the feeling of memory loss and seemingly slower cognitive function after various types of cancer treatment. Everyday things such as struggling to pay attention and multitask might be more difficult, which can sometimes be discouraging. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to help fight this feeling!

1. Meditate and focus on one thing at a time. Throughout one’s cancer journey, there are endless distractions and constant stressors that make it difficult to center yourself and really focus on what is most important to you. Meditation has been proven to have many health benefits, including the possibility of reducing one’s symptoms of anxiety, depression, and blood pressure.

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2. Write things down in one place. By keeping everything crucial, important, and dear to you in one place, it will be easier for you to keep track of everything that needs to get done, even when it feels overwhelming. A daily tracker or journal can help you remember dates and names, keep track of tasks, and track your own journey.

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3. Research has shown that doing brain exercises on a regular basis, ranging from anything from a puzzle to a Sudoku to a crossword puzzle, can increase brain function and leave one feeling more confident in their own abilities. Brain exercises like such promote connections between brain cells and have been shown to improve one’s memory and mood.

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4. Aside from mental exercises, physical exercise is equally important to encourage blood flow to the brain and release endorphins. There are a variety of things to do for one to increase blood flow to the brain, from getting some fresh air or taking a walk, practicing yoga, or lifting light weights are just a few ways to keep your blood flowing. Activities like such help deliver oxygen to your brain, nutrients to your tissues, and helps promote cardiovascular health.

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5. Teach yourself something new! You’re never too young or too old to learn a new skill, no matter where you might find yourself. There is a never-ending number of things you can teach yourself, such as a new language, how to knit, garden, or even a new recipe. It’s always exciting to showcase new talents to friends and family, and what a more perfect time than to surprise everyone now!

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