3 Simple Ways To Get Started With CanPlan For Self-Healing | CanPlan Cancer Planner
3 Simple Ways To Get Started With CanPlan For Self-Healing

3 Simple Ways To Get Started With CanPlan For Self-Healing

I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to hear the words, “You have cancer”. But a diagnosis is not a prognosis of any sort. Many people after hearing those 3 words think that’s it’s a death sentence; we’re here to remind you otherwise. No one really knows how much time we’re each given. And if you’re equipped with the proper tools, recovery is just within reach.

In the case of cancer, time is of the essence and you should begin to restore your health back to optimal level without further ado. The road will be a little bumpy and at times chaotic, but when you have an action plan with every intention of getting better, healing yourself is a lot easier to achieve than you would believe. With our cancer planner, we’ve put together three simple steps to help you get started on your journey towards self healing.

1) Do Extensive Research

Assess all of your options using our Treatment Options Evaluation template.

Did you know that three out of four doctors would not use chemotherapy as a treatment if they had cancer? A study was done by NaturalNews, a science-based natural health advocacy organization whose mission is to “empower consumers with factual information” and the results are alarming. When asked to choose between 6 different experimental therapies and chemotherapy, most of them denied chemotherapy as a choice and even went as far to say they wouldn’t allow their family to go through the process either.

This is because doctors know the way to beat cancer is not to extinguish the tumor by polluting your entire system with hazardous chemicals. They recognize how absurd the ideology behind chemotherapy really is but they can’t dispute it, even if they wanted to, because their training doesn’t allow them to. Now how exactly preposterous is chemo? I’ll take you back to the beginning of the history of chemotherapy so that we can find out.

Chemotherapy was accidentally developed from nitrogen mustard, aka “mustard gas”, into a treatment for cancer during World War I (Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine). Mustard gas was used as a chemical warfare agent known to cause particular harm and deadly effects. When the first clinical trail investigating the use of mustard gas as a treatment for advanced lymphosarcoma went successfully, everyone was stunned. But much like how it is now as to before, the effects of the treatment did not last and though the tumor regressed at first, the patient died not so long after.

So if chemotherapy has been just as ineffective when it was first developed as it is now, why is it still the most highly recommended form of cancer treatment?

The FDA has made it illegal for doctors to suggest herbs and supplements as a remedy for cancer, but chemical therapy is still recommended. Due to the corrupt politics of medicine, there are medical procedures your doctor’s not legally allowed to discuss with you at the risk of loosing their license. It’s not because your doctor doesn’t want to help you, it’s just that there are certain liabilities they’re held responsible to as an M.D. Unless a medication or treatment is FDA approved, your doctor is not permitted to prescribe or talk about it. And if a military grade chemical is endorsed by government institutions, that’s even more of a reason to become your own doctor. It’s incredibly important for you to perform your own research and not rely entirely on the doctor for information. Using our Treatment Options Evaluation, document your research to help you weigh out all of your options. This practical guide readily assists you in comparing and contrasting potential therapies and is a great way for you to visualize the pro’s and con’s of each treatment. It’ll really help you predict the ramifications of each of the different methods you may choose.

2) Eat Well

Use the CanPlan Food Pyramid and our nutritional guide.

Cancer is a mutational disease and these cancerous cells were innate within your body since the day you were conceived. Because of environmental or genetic factors, or a combination of both, your immune system has been compromised and rogue cells are taking over. The best thing you can do for your body now is to improve its cellular environment and support your immune system; this involves a radical change in your diet and nutrition. We’ve discovered a common factor that links cancer survivors and it’s that all of them transformed their lifestyles completely.

We strongly recommend you to stay away from animal protein because red meat and diary products are considered cancer promoting foods. Also falling into this category are refined sugars and carbohydrates because of how much insulin they produce. Insulin growth and animal meat are huge contributors to inflammation and are closely associated with cancer cell division.

The most useful and effective strategy is to implement a plant-based diet. Colorful fruits and vegetables help improve your nutritional status and decrease your chances getting sick. Vitamins and supplements from GNC will not do the trick because your body has a difficult time absorbing these add-ons and enhancers. It’s essential to obtain your nutrients from living organisms. Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli contain a compound so strong in preventing cancer that it’s being investigated as a chemotherapy agent. And for your intake of beneficial phytonutrients and antioxidants, be sure to get enough berries into your system. Overall, a diet with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains will be the best nutritional policy to follow.

Though it is expensive to maintain a diet of organic fruits and vegetables, these are the absolute best choices for cancer patients and should really be your only choices. Organic plants are grown without pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, so as they are grown in the natural outdoors, they protect themselves from predators and pests. This defensive characteristic of organic plants produces phytonutrients, which is advantageous to the human health and helps prevent the body from malady.

3) Stay Mentally Strong

Focus on what brings you happiness by receiving as much positivity and encouragement as you can get.

In the realm of holistic medicine, your body and mind function together to produce your state of health. When it comes to curing a disease, one should apply this comprehensive approach by taking into account mental factors and treating the person as a whole, rather than just taking care of the physical symptoms. The mind and body approach in cancer treatment is vital to survival.

You’re might start feeling like you’ve lost all sense of control, especially if your body is being assaulted with chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and invasive procedures. Learning to cope with a strong mind is a mental technique cancer patients are becoming more and more aware about because the psychology of cancer is very real. It’s been scientifically proven that “women with ovarian cancer who lack a good support system have more distress and more aggressive malignancies, and this is just one example of a psychological association and a biological marker for more aggressive disease (drweil.com).”

A lot of people blame their cancer on the high levels of stress in their lives. Though this has yet to be proven/disproven, we know that stress affects the production of hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol that can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of cancer. Meditation, yoga, guided imagery, practicing mindfulness and acceptance are some tress reducing activities you may find helpful in dealing with heavy apprehension and anxiety. Maintaining a healthy state of mind not only allows you to feel more in control, but you’ll start to feel stronger and invigorated by your own positive energy. Releasing suppressed emotions and increasing positive emotions will improve your overall well-being. It also helps to deepen your spiritual connection and to embrace the social support from your loved ones. You can also refer to our Positivity & Happiness tips for more ways to stay stress free and headstrong.

Self-healing begins when you’re ready to take control of your condition. There’ve been countless cases of successful self-healing stories of Stage 4 cancer patients who heard what the doctors had to say and decided to take matters into their own hands. If you haven’t heard of the Spontaneous Remission Project, be sure to read into it when you have a chance. The project was put together by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is a collective account of over 3,500 case studies of people who’ve experienced unprompted remissions from seemingly “incurable diseases”, most of these cases revolved around Stage 4 cancer patients who either said no to conventional treatment or were given an alternative treatment deemed inadequate by professional M.D.s.

When there’s nothing more your doctor can do for you, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing more that YOU can do for yourself. We’re not trying to persuade you against conventional medical treatment. We want to simply enable you to optimize your chances for a cure by integrating orthodox treatments with holistic remedies and alternative medicine. We’re here to empower you to become your own doctor. If you apply this kind of Whole Health approach to every aspect of your wellbeing, you can rest easy and know that you’ve done everything possible to help yourself heal.


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