It Starts With One

When an interviewer asked Mother Teresa how she managed to get 50,000 people off the streets of Kolkata in India, she responded, "Well, I started by caring for one and that worked out pretty well." She believed that changing lives wasn't about doing great acts, but rather small acts with great love.

With the spirit of Mother Teresa in mind, we built CanPlan on the promise of being a FOR PEOPLE company rather than a FOR PROFIT company. Our heart is focused on helping people, and our decisions flow from that foundation.

Although we may not be able to help every cancer patient, we can certainly start by helping one. If you are a cancer patient or know of a patient in desperate financial need, we'd love to hear from you. Please read the details and requirements carefully and email if you have any questions.


Since we are on a mission to get CanPlan into the hands that need it the most, we want to make it available to those who are financially struggling and can't afford a planner. If you are excited about the benefits of CanPlan, but unfortunately cannot afford one right now, we want to hear from you.

Please submit your entry only once - duplicate entries will be disregarded.

Current wait time for a donated planner = 1 month

Requirements For Entry

  • Must have a valid financial need
  • Must have a desire to actively use the planner
  • Must be residing in the United States
  • Must be willing to help promote or share CanPlan through social media