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What is CanPlan?

It's a one-of-a-kind planner designed specifically for cancer patients and their caregivers that provides daily reminders, guidelines for positive living, and methods for monitoring and tracking all of the details of your illness every step of the way. CanPlan isn’t simply just a planner, it’s a roadmap to recovery and a book that will return control of your life back into your hands.  If you’re sick, you know you’ll need a hand. With CanPlan, you’ll have one.

  • Daily Tracker

    Get back in the driver's seat by keeping track of your health and training your mind to "respond" rather than "react" to the messiness of cancer.

  • Appointment Tracker

    Show up to all your appointments prepared and make the most out of your time with your health care team.

  • Monthly Calendar

    Get a bird's eye view of how your progressing each month, and easily keep track of the most important details when you aren't able to utilize the daily tracker.

  • Positivity Exercises

    Reclaim your happiness through self reflection exercises and transform your life from the inside out.

  • Questions For Doctor

    Be part of the conversation and develop a relationship based on trust with your doctor by asking the right questions from the very beginning.

  • Cancer Diet Tip Sheet

    Learn about how food either fights your cancer or feeds it, and be responsible over what you put into your body.

  • Chemotherapy Tip Sheet

    Combat the side effects of chemotherapy and provide your immune system with the right armor to protect itself from toxins.

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CanPlan started two years ago thanks to your support and love!  
We're constantly growing and enhancing the planner to aid Cancer Fighters.


No more clutter, no more mess. Keep everything related to your cancer in one place so you can show up to your appointments prepared & organized.


Take control over your illness & be the expert about it. Track everything related to your cancer on a daily basis and put all the information together at the end of the month to form connections about what's working & not working in your treatment plan.


Start each day off with a positive quote & engage in the interactive exercises that help you stay positive throughout your journey. Be inspired, stay determined & never give up hope.


Section for self reflection & thoughts to help you stay in touch with your emotions all throughout your journey. Keepsake for you to see your day-to-day journey with cancer & inspire others with your story.


Set daily, monthly & yearly goals in order to to stay on track with your treatment plan. Use the cancer roadmap to visualize where you are in your treatment and where you need to go. Analyze your strategy and revise if you feel stagnant in your progress.


Figure out all your treatment options ahead of time and weigh out the pros and cons for each so you can choose a plan that best suites your needs. Prepare an action plan if something doesn't go as expected so you'll find comfort in knowing you're still in the driver's seat.


Learn to find comfort in asking for help from your community and utilize all the free resources that are available to you. Determine what your needs are, whether it's help with finances, transportation & housing or emotional support, and figure out how to meet those needs.


Rather than waiting on instructions from your doctor, educate yourself on how you can treat your cancer at home by utilizing the powerful healing remedies of mother nature. Optimize your body's full potential by feeding it the nutrients it needs and activating it's fight sensors.


Every owner of a CanPlan belongs to a community of fighters dedicated to finding an effective plan of attack against cancer. Share your findings through CanPlan by using hashtag (#CanPlanFam) and assist in helping other fighters with their journey.


CanPlan provides cancer patients and their caregivers an easy way to record the ongoing treatment and care of the patient. Appointments, medications, side effects, outcomes, questions to ask and more can be recorded in one place making it easier to track and report your cancer journey.

I'm very unorganized when it comes to planning and notes, so CanPlan has saved my life in this aspect! I carry it around everywhere with me and it helps keep me organized with my doctors appointments, questions to ask, and what medications I am on. I absolutely love it!

I’m WOWed by what you’ve accomplished. Congratulations and thank you! I could go on and on with praise about how amazing I think the planner is and all the specifics, but will suffice it to say WOW!! Incredible job, you will assist so many in getting through their treatments and cancer journey. What a gift!

CanPlan helps me keep track of the three components that make up my life college, travel, and cancer. It is also a way for me to push through those unbearable days and remind myself that we all have bad days. CanPlan keeps me accountable with my diet and my daily workouts and when facing cancer that is so important!

I learned that going through this journey, a lot of things can be overwhelming. One thing that seemed to take over is all the doctor appointments, notes, and reminders I need to remember. The CanPlan helps me stay organized and feel like I am on top of everything. If I forget anything, I use as a source of reference. I also love the daily quotes on each page. They give me motivation each day and feel like I can conquer anything.

CanPlan is the most powerful, effective, and beneficial tool a cancer patient could have in their arsenal. It provides benefits of organizing not only medications and doctors appointments, but also invites journaling and reflection on the emotional effects of a diagnosis. CanPlan helps make sense of what often doesn't make sense. It is a practical way to maintain clarity throughout treatment, and anyone fighting cancer should have the CanPlan alongside them in their journey.