CanPlan Cancer Guided Journal

CanPlan Cancer Guided Journal

CanPlan Cancer Guided Journal


The CanPlan Guided Journal was specifically designed for cancer survivors who are looking to transition back into everyday life, post cancer treatment. It can be confusing and difficult to navigate through what a “new normal” looks likes as a cancer thriver who has just completed treatment. This journal was designed to make the transition smoother.

Some big questions the journal will help a cancer thriver answer are:

  1. How do I navigate back into the workplace? What does a job that makes me feel fulfilled look like?
  2. How do I deal with future worries of the cancer coming back?
  3. Has my definition of friendship changed? How can I bring more meaning into my relationships?
  4. What has cancer taken away from me? What have I gained instead?
  5. What has this cancer journal revealed to me about myself?
  6. How do I want to carry myself in this world, moving forward?

This is the perfect post treatment cancer gift for any loved one. Although this journal was designed as a reflection tool for cancer patients who have just completed treatment, that does not limit its use to just new cancer survivors. It can also be a gift for a cancer patient at any stage of their cancer, whether they just started their journey or they are 20 years cancer free. It is a great reflection tool for anyone who has been through the cancer rollercoaster and is needing a safe place to process the whole journey from beginning to end. It is never too early or too late to begin reflecting on the journey.

175 pages filled with over 250+ different reflection prompts:

    • 8 “Looking Back & Looking Forward” Pages
    • 13 “Letters to Loved Ones” Pages
    • 7 “Fear of Recurrence” Pages
    • 4 “Combating Chemobrain” Pages
    • 4 “Processing Relationships” Pages
    • 3 “Navigating back to Work” Pages
    • 23 “Reflecting & Processing the Journey” Pages

Journal Features:

  • A5 size paper (5.8 x 8.3 inches)
  • Perforated pages so you can easily tear out prompts
  • Leather bound journal for a beautiful keepsake
  • Book marker to help you navigate through the journal with ease

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