Share your Story

We’re on the search for inspirational stories about how people have been able to turn something broken into something beautiful. Although we prefer stories specifically related to cancer (whether you’re a patient, caregiver, doctor, friend/family member, healthcare employee, etc.), we’re open to hearing any type of story related to turning¬†tragedy into inspiration. We will select a story to feature on our blog, social media channels and email newsletters each week in order to inspire others going through a similar ordeal. We will then create a poll for the audience to choose which of the featured stories we should include in the next printed version of CanPlan (expected to come out April 2017). We want our platform to be a microphone for your voice, so be raw and speak from your heart.


If you’d like to accompany your post with any photos, please email them directly to [email protected] and put your name in the subject line of the email.