If you believe in the benefits of CanPlan but don’t have a direct need for it, we would appreciate any donations to help us continue to expand this endeavor. As a startup, our financial resources are very limited, which prohibits us from being able to give back to the cancer community in the ways we’d like to.


What your donations will do is:


  1. Allow us to move to a Buy 1, Give 1 model (For every planner sold, we’d give one for free to a cancer family in need)
  2. Allow us to donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer patients running crowdfunding campaigns in order to pay for medical bills
  3. Enable us to develop a mobile app that’ll compliment the physical planner
  4. Allow us to promote CanPlan at cancer events throughout the nation and provide us with a marketing budget to get the word out faster
  5. Allow us to positively impact the cancer community in as many ways as we can. Essentially we’d like to travel across the nation and hold seminars for patients about how they can start to fight cancer differently.

As you can see, this is a project we’re extremely passionate about and we’d love to keep doing what we’re doing. With your generous donations, we can continue to change the way people fight cancer and give other fighters a chance to have a different end to their stories.