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CanPlan Cancer Planner (Binder + Inserts)

CanPlan Cancer Planner (Binder + Inserts)

CanPlan Cancer Planner (Binder + Inserts)


PLEASE NOTE: CanPlan Cancer Planner Binder (Version 3) is finally here! Standard shipping takes approximately 6-7 business days for US orders and 10-12 business days for international orders.


1. Based on the foundations of scientific research in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral therapy
2. Provides a holistic approach to treatment, taking into account both conventional and natural therapies
3. Tested and modified by over 100 cancer survivors
4. Shifts you from victim to victor mentality through daily gratitude practices and empowerment strategies
5. Guides you to both recovery AND discovery through daily tracking of medication, symptoms, side effects, and emotional health.
6. Puts the control back into your hands in a way that sparks self healing
7. Enhances doctor patient relationship by providing prompts for you to prepare for your appointments beforehand and showcase what you're doing to fight cancer at home
8. Motivates you to document your journey and then share your cancer story in it's entirety, with patients who're on the same journey as you.
9. Helps you and your cancer support team to stay organized and on the same page
10. Teaches your heart and mind to really listen to your body, in a way that allows you to see cancer as a friend rather than a foe


Dimensions: A5 Size Paper (5.8 x 8.3 in)
320 page planner - 160 sheets front & back 
90 days worth of UNDATED daily trackers (2 page spread) 
12 months worth of UNDATED monthly calendars & reviews 
90 inspirational quotes 
20 pages of interactive positivity exercises 
16 pages of appointment trackers (2 trackers per page)


    Dimensions: 9.25 x 7.5 x 1.6 in
    Material: Top Quality Soft PU Leather
    Pockets (Front): 3 card holder slots and two pockets for documents
    Pockets (Back): One large pocket for documents
    Add-ons: Plastic pocket insert, 5 multi-colored section dividers
    Secured by: Magnetic closure strap
    Specifications: 6 ring binder that can fit any A5 size document


    Fighting Cancer

    • Suggested Questions for Doctor
    • Treatment Options Evaluation 
    • Chemotherapy Tip Sheet 
    • Appointment Tracker (Includes Blood Cell Count Tracker)
    • Medication Legend and Tracker
    • Cancer Fighting Diet Tip Sheet
    • Important Cancer Dates Timeline
    • Helpful Cancer Resources
    • Plan your Cancer Support Team

    Improving Emotional/Mental Health

    • Brain Exercises (Helps Combat Chemobrain)
    • Positivity Exercises
    • Thoughts & Reflection (Blank Sheets for Journaling)
    • Habits Tracker
    • Messages to God
    • Positivity Board
    • Daily Mood Tracker

    Planning and Tracking

    • Yearly Goal Setting
    • Upcoming Month Planning (Growth Plan)
    • End of the Month Review (Growth Plan Evaluation)
    • 90 Day Favorites List
    • Daily Tracker (Designed to Improve Overall Health)