CanPlan Cancer Planner Starter Pack (PDF Download)

CanPlan Cancer Planner Starter Pack (PDF Download)

CanPlan Cancer Planner Starter Pack (PDF Download)


In amidst of these chaotic times due to COVID-19, here's what we're doing to help.  Watch below! 

Always refer to the CDC and WHO websites for the latest information on COVID-19! 



Please Note: You are getting the full PDF download of CanPlan Cancer Planner Starter Pack. This FREE version has been enlarged to print on U.S. Letter size paper (8.5 x 11 inches).  You may either use this digitally (must have the latest PDF software that allows you to type on document), or print out the pages that you need. The contents of this PDF may not be copied, manipulated or edited for redistribution in any way.


With the CanPlan Starter Pack PDF, you can use all the same resources as seen in the physical version of CanPlan Starter Pack, with the added ability to save progress through PDF editing software. You can easily print off anything you need—from multiple sheets of a particular page to just a few specific pages here and there.   
We've spent over three years perfecting this organizational tool designed to help you manage your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual journey, and are happy to provide this PDF as a digital alternative to the traditional CanPlan. We're so excited for you to start your holistic healing journey with CanPlan today!

What you can track:

  1. Your symptoms and the severity of each symptom (please refer here for the CDC's list of COVID-19 symptoms)
  2. Your activities - places you've visited, people you've met, etc.
  3. Your daily diet, sleep, and exercise
  4. Your mood and how you've felt each day

Page Content:

  • 90 pages of UNDATED daily trackers (90 days) with an inspirational quote each day (1-page spread)
  • 12 pages of UNDATED monthly calendars with customizable symptom tracking (3 months) and planning/reviews
  • 10 pages of doctor appointment trackers (2 trackers per page)
  • 4 pages of tracking important info (e.g. support contacts, medical history, medication list, treatment/testing/blood cell count tracker, etc.)
  • 10 blank pages for notes and journaling

    Printing Instructions:

    This FREE version has been enlarged to easily print on standard letter size paper (8.5 x 11 inches).  Simply open the PDF and print as-is.